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Repped Artists

Frank Frazetta

Drawing and painting with an overpowering passion for the subject matter, Frank Frazetta unleashes raw and powerful thoughts, feelings, emotions, and energy of life onto the drawing board. His mastery and legend is shown on every piece as lines are drawn with thought and perfection to bring the spark of imagination to each figure. An acute knowledge of anatomical proportions and poses in perspective along with a philosophical understanding of man's primal desire to conquer the world around him made Frazetta's artwork vivid with imagery that spoke to fans and critics alike. From sword and sorcery, mystical fantasy, sci-fi, comics strip, to the Western genre, Frazetta has excelled by placing following his own individual style. The high visual impact of his compositions create a crater into the psyche of the mind as our thought process expands to comprehend the depth of his art.

All Pages :

Danger is our Business
Issue: 1
Page: 6

Fire and Ice


Heroic Comics
Issue: 66
Page: 44

Johnny Comet
Page: 3-5-52 daily

Johnny Comet
Issue: 11-23-52
Page: Sunday

Logo Designs

Personal Love
Issue: 24
Page: 6

Swords of Mars
Page: 46

Tarzan- House of Greystoke
Page: Title page

The Mucker

Issue: 1
Page: 7

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