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Dark Knight III

Jim Lee (penciller)
Scott WIlliams (inker)



Dave Stevens (all)


Marvel Treasury Edition

John Buscema (penciller)
Joe Sinnott (inker)


New Frontier

Darwyn Cooke (all)


Dark Knight III

John Cassaday (all)


Justice League

Jim Lee (penciller)
Scott WIlliams (inker)


Black Orchid

Dave McKean (painter)





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The trade gallery is now open!

With the high interest and well wishes from those wanting to support Darwyn Cooke's family, all Darwyn Cooke artwork on this site is sold.  I will not be able to respond to every request.  You will only get notification if your order has processed. 

Albert is currently away travelleing.  He will not be able to answer phone call orders at this time.  Response to orders and shipment will be delayed.  Credit card orders will be taken after May 22.

In 2007 we had some artwork stolen from us at the Chicago Comicon. Click Here for more information.

This site features a wide selection of quality one of a kind original artwork from the drawing boards of your favorite artists in comic books, comic strips and more for sale or trade. Ranging from the earliest years of the artform in the 20th century to present day, the original artwork on this site has pop icons from every era with prices that appeal to the first time buyer and the experienced collector.

Albert Moy is also the original artwork sales representative for some of the greatest comic book artists in the industry today. Albert is entrusted by Jim Lee, Bruce Timm, Sam Kieth, Jae Lee, John Cassaday, Darwyn Cooke, J Bone, Erik Larsen, Peter Snejberg, Scott Williams, Michael T. Gilbert, Sandu Florea, Tony Daniel, Michael Cho, Matthew J. Fletcher, Chrissie Zullo, Chris Uminga and Mike Hawthorne to bring their artwork to fans and collectors.

Albert has been in the hobby of collecting and selling comic book artwork since 1984 and his wealth of knowledge is known throughout the hobby to help you acquire that unique piece for your collection.  Albert's knowledge can also help you get the best price for your collection if you ever want to consign your art.  Not only does he have an online presence, but he also takes and displays the artwork at major comic conventions throughout North America.

The artwork for sale and trade on this site is representative of just a small fraction of the artwork Albert collects. If you have original artwork to sell or trade please email me at albertmoy@aol.com or call (718) 225-3261 between 7pm and 11pm EST.


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